silicone wrap

A new option as Alternatives to plastic wrap

What’s silicone wrap? It’s belong to new kitchenware.

Are you still using traditional plastic wrap? The traditional cling film/plastic wrap is generally unsealed and cannot achieve the preservation function well.

It is a consumable product, unhealthy and not environmentally friendly, easy to break and not durable, not sealed enough to keep fresh, and plastic products are not environmentally friendly.

A new solution is the use of silicone wrap/fresh-keeping cover ,it is both environmentally friendly and durable.

silicone wrap

The silica gel wrap/fresh-keeping cover can be used for refrigeration and microwave, high and low temperature resistance.And can be used as a refrigerator to keep fresh, can be placed on the side or stacked. It can be steamed in boiling water for high-temperature disinfection, and microwave ovens can also be used. Silicone is Food-grade material, soft and malleable, also suitable for square and rectangular tableware. Food that cannot be eaten at one time can also be sealed and kept fresh. Keep it fresh in the refrigerator to prevent odor.

The silicone wrap/fresh-keeping cover has strong elasticity, strong adsorption, and is sealed and leak-proof. The internal non-slip design makes it impossible to leak water upside down. It has strong adsorption and is not easy to fall off. It can be covered with portable silica gel.

The silicone wrap has a wide range of uses, strong flexibility, good elasticity, large stretchable range, and more labor-saving in use. It’s reusable, healthy and environmentally friendly.

A set contains six sizes, so there is no need to choose a size. Color can be customized.

silicone wrap

Six sizes:

  1. Diameter 6.5cm: use caliber 6.5-8cm
  2. Diameter 14cm: use caliber 14-15cm
  3. Diameter 9cm: use caliber 9.5-11cm
  4. Diameter 15cm: use caliber 15-19cm
  5. Diameter 11cm: use the caliber 11-14cm
  6. Diameter 20cm:use the caliber 20-24cm.

We also support custom shape,pattern,size and color,according to your design.

silicone wrap

How to use:

  1. Put the fresh-keeping cover on the glass bowl
  2. Pull the extension to cover
  3. Cover and seal
  4. Can be stacked
silicone wrap

Compared with the traditional ordinary wrap/cling film, the use of silica gel cling film is more environmentally friendly, and reusable, environmental protection.

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