silicone baking gloves

baking tools silicone Heat Resistant gloves

baking tools silicone Heat Resistant gloves and Finger Protector Sleeve

When baking ,taking the food in the microwave and oven,we usually use with cloth to prevent scalding.But the cloth can’t insulate well and can be easily burned.

Silicone gloves are made of high-quality food-grade environmentally friendly , thickened soft silicone material.

with stability and high temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and reliable.

Silicone gloves have a horizontal anti-skid pattern design, which is not easy to drop when holding things, holding them firmly and comfortably, and easily grasping the dishes without slipping.

It is a silicone glove worth buying!


Practical and convenient hook design, glove tail hook design, easy to store and organize.

It is easy to dry after washing, and not easy to breed bacteria.

convenient to hang up when not in use, convenient to store, and save space.

It should be noted that do not touch the oven heating tube, do not approach sharp objects, fires and heating tubes, and do not stay in the oven for a long time.

Whether you use traditional ordinary gloves, you also need to pay attention! Otherwise it will affect the life of the gloves.


Multiple uses, wide range of uses. The thicker material is used for better heat insulation.

It can be used to serve dishes and dishes without fear of being scalded.

Not only can it be used to insulate things, but also to wash dishes, so that your hands will not be washed with detergent.

Alkaline substances damage the stratum corneum of the skin.

When the bottle cap cannot be unscrewed, it can be used to twist the cap to increase the friction with the cap, so that it is easier to open the cap.


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silicone baking gloves
silicone baking gloves