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Silicone pad is one of the most common uses of silica gel, especially in industry.

Because of the cold and heat-resistant properties of silica gel, this new type of material is widely used in new energy vehicles. The very wear-resistant parts have to be rubber.

What is silicone pad

The silicone pad is a silicone product made of silicone with high temperature and pressed through a customized mold.

Since its core material is mainly silica gel, it inherits all the advantages of silica gel and its own characteristics:

  1. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, water seepage, heat insulation, not easy to age, not easy to fade, easy to clean.
  2. Durable, effectively protect the surface of the furniture from being scalded and scratched.
  3. The temperature resistance range is: -40~230 degrees Celsius. It will remain soft and not deformed after baking and freezing.
  4. The elasticity of the silicone cushion can be customized, and the elasticity will be different according to the hardness
  5. The color of the silicone pad can be customized, and the color can be mixed with advanced craftsmanship, which can be quite beautiful.


What are the important uses of silicone pads?

Silicone pads, due to their excellent characteristics, as long as the pads are almost all related to it:

Life related: mouse pad (soft, multi-color), computer keyboard waterproof pad (good sealing), gasket for silicone breast augmentation (silica gel is non-toxic and harmless, stable in nature), seat gasket (soft and multi-color) ), yoga mats, etc. are very useful.

Industrial: non-slip mats, electronic equipment foot pads (soft and wear-resistant), thermally conductive silicone gaskets (good thermal conductivity), silicone gaskets can be used for sealing and protection of any equipment.

What is the difference between silicone mat and rubber mat?

  1. The silicone gasket is made of silicone rubber, which may contain a thermal conductive silicone gasket.

Rubber gaskets include the category of silicone gaskets, as well as fluorine rubber gaskets and other rubber gaskets.

  1. Silica gel burning will not catch an open flame, and the smoke is white. When the rubber burns, it emits black smoke, pungent and black, and has a strong smell.


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silicone pad
silicone pad
silicone pad
silicone pad