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something about silicone pad and mat in kitchenware

Silicone pads belong to the category of kitchen supplies


Will steaming food on silicone mat be toxic?

1.Steaming food with a silicone mat is non-toxic, provided that it must be a food-grade silicone mat.

Generally speaking, food-grade silicone material will not be cheap


2.Food grade silicone, this material is very stable. Unless the high temperature exceeds 200 degrees Celsius, it is difficult to change.

No toxic substances will be released after high temperature. This is different from plastic, which is really not good.

After high-temperature steaming and baking of plastics, many toxic substances are released.


3.When using bamboo mats, food tends to stick to the gaps, which is very difficult to clean, and the remaining dough will easily deteriorate when the weather is hot.

Silicone pads are more advantageous. Silicone baking mat and kneading mat, each mat has its own different usage and cleaning skills.


Is it toxic to knead flour on a silicone mat?

1.The silica gel pad is non-toxic when kneading the flour, the room temperature is stable, and the pad is cleaned well without any problems.

2.When kneading flour on a silicone mat, more consideration is the experience of use. It is best to choose food-grade materials with the thickest thickness, otherwise the experience will be very bad.

3.When comparing prices, if it is much cheaper, be careful that inferior silicone pads may also be plastic products. Therefore, a regular silicone pad should be used.


Is the silicone mat for baking harmful to the body?

  1. The silicone mat for baking is not harmful to the body. It is food-grade silicone, non-toxic and harmless. Note that not all silicone mats can be baked in the oven. Its applicable temperature is 200 degrees Celsius for general food grade high temperature resistance. It can be baked in the oven by adding glass fiber mat, because it has better high temperature resistance.
  2. Choose a silicone mat for baking, it is best to buy a special oven silicone mat, other types of heat resistance are not as good as special ones.
  3. Note: Silica gel is absorbent, it is easy to absorb the odor of packaging materials, but it is not very strong. When using it for the first time, it is necessary to clean or ventilate. A pungent odor is definitely inferior.


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silicone mat