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Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle 1

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle

1.How long is the sterilization and steaming of silicone baby bottles?

Silicone feeding nursing bottles are easy to be heated, so the heating time should not be too long or too short.

It only takes 5 minutes to achieve the disinfection effect. If the steaming time too long, it will accelerate the aging of the baby bottle, and it may be necessary to change the baby bottle frequently. If the time is too short, the hot water cannot completely kill the bacteria in the baby bottle.


2.How to distinguish the quality of silicone baby bottles?

Judge by pressing.

The texture of silica gel is very good, similar to the smooth texture of human skin, silica gel does not feel hard, it should be soft and delicate. The baby can feel the warmth of their mother while holding the silicone milk bottle, which is helpful to soothe the baby, will not make the baby irritable, and can also increase the baby’s emotional intelligence.

Check whether it is convenient to use.

when designing silicone baby bottles,we need to pay more attention to details , as babies like to bite the pacifier.

It is a consumable item, and the silicone baby bottle is designed as a detachable device. All parts of a good silicone baby bottle can be removed and can be mounted on another baby bottle.Or you will find that the parts of the two bottles cannot be replaced with each other.

Silicone products are easily stained with dust, so the area around the bottle should be frosted.


3.How often do silicone baby bottles change? How long can the silicone baby bottle be used?

According to the normal situation, the silicone baby bottle does not need frequent replacement due to its special material, and only needs to be disinfected regularly. However, if the silicone baby bottle wears severely, it should be replaced within half a year.


4.Can a 3-month-old baby use a silicone bottle?

First of all, the silicone milk bottle has a high safety factor and is suitable for babies of all ages.

It does not contain harmful substances, has good water resistance and moisture resistance, and has good stability.

It can be stored for more than 1 year without deterioration.

Generally, the design of silicone baby bottles is very good and will not cause milk leakage, and it can also prevent the baby from inhaling too much air and causing flatulence and stomach pain.

Secondly, as the baby grows up, he likes to hold the bottle to drink milk.

At this time, choosing a silicone bottle for the baby does not need to worry about safety.

It will not break easily or hurt the baby. Although glass baby bottles are also easy to use, they have the disadvantage of being fragile.

Plastic baby bottles are not ideal for high temperature resistance.

In addition, silicone baby bottles can prevent many chemical residues. It is good for the baby’s diet and health, and does not contain any environmental hormones.

It can be used casually by disinfection methods, is not easy to deform, and is healthy and safe. In terms of safety performance, silicone baby bottle is an ideal choice and can be used by babies as young as 3 months old.

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silicone milk bottle