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Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle 2

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle

5.What are PC baby bottles, PP baby bottles, PPSU baby bottles and silicone baby bottles?

PC baby bottle: PC plastic baby bottle is lighter, resistant to falling and not easy to break, low price, easy to buy, and more beautiful and translucent.

But it is easy to release bisphenol A (BPA) when it is sterilized at high temperature (over 100 degrees).The longer it used, the more released.

BPA may disrupt the human body’s metabolic process, affect the baby’s development, immunity, and even cause cancer.


PP baby bottle: it has high chemical stability, good hygienic performance and high heat resistance.

Microwave tableware is generally made of PP plastic products. Non-toxic, harmless to the human body, and the cheapest price.

But the life is the shortest, the long-term high temperature resistance is the shortest.

It is easy to oxidize, and the corrosion resistance is not good. It is not as beautiful as a PC material bottle.


PPSU baby bottle: PPSU is a safe material, does not contain carcinogenic chemicals that disrupt endocrine (BPA).

It is widely used in medical equipment. PPSU is a material with excellent heat resistance(up to 207 degrees).

It can respond to repeated high-temperature boiling, steam sterilization, hospital vacuum autoclave sterilization, microwave heating sterilization and chemical liquid sterilization.

PPSU material has excellent drug resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and can withstand cleaning with general chemicals and detergents.

PPSU baby bottles are tested to be free of bisphenol A toxin, and have the advantages of non-toxic glass baby bottles, light weight and unbreakable plastic PC baby bottles.


Silicone baby bottle: Silicone is an excellent material. Even if it is stored at room temperature, breast milk is not easy to deteriorate, and it can better maintain the freshness of breast milk when it is refrigerated or frozen.

The silicone baby bottle feels as soft as the skin and will stabilize the baby’s mood.

It is convenient to wash and disinfect, and all parts of the feeding bottle can be thoroughly cleaned, and it can be cleaned without a bottle brush. Moreover, sterilization in boiling water or in a microwave oven will not cause deformation.


6.Which one is better, glass or silicone baby bottle?

Generally speaking, it is better to have a glass bottle for newborn babies. When your child grows up, you can switch to silicone baby bottles.

The advantages of glass baby bottles are corrosion resistance, high safety, and high heat insulation performance. In addition, the glass milk bottle has good transparency, the scale is not easy to wear for a long time, and the bottle body will not quickly become blurred.

However, glass baby bottles are heavy and easy to break. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the rapid occurrence of thermal expansion and contraction, which will cause bursts.

The silica gel has good stability and still maintains good elasticity at about 200°C. In the case of room temperature and sealed from moisture, it will not deteriorate after being placed for at least one year. But pay attention to defending fake silicone baby bottles, and do not buy fake or inferior products.


7.How to clean silicone baby bottles?

Using milk brushes, generally speaking, there will be those on the market that specialize in cleaning baby bottles, and it will be more convenient to use. we can use the milk brush to clean the baby bottle in the process of cleaning the baby, saving time and effort.

We can boil the baby bottle with boiling water. If the baby’s silicone baby bottle has stains that are difficult to clean, you can boil the water and put the baby bottle down for a while.

The temperature of the hot water is conducive to the dissolution and cleaning of the stain.

The use of boiling hot water to clean the baby bottle can also achieve the effect of sterilization to a certain extent.

You can use baby bottle cleaners. Generally, there are baby bottle cleaners on the market, which are also very convenient to use.

Before cleaning the baby bottle, wash the baby’s silicone baby bottle thoroughly with clean water, and then put it in a sterilizing pot and boil it.

can be use Microwave ovens . Microwave ovens and boiling water have the same principle and effect.


8.Which glass or silicone baby bottle has better thermal insulation performance?

The glass bottle for newborns is good, any material is not as stable as glass, and there is no release of any chemical composition. And easy to clean.

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