silicone teether

what is silicone teether and the advantage of it

Teethers are also known as molar rods, tooth fixers.

Most of them are made of safe and non-toxic silicone, some of which are made of soft plastic, and have various designs such as fruits, animals, pacifiers, and cartoon characters.

Has the function of massaging the gums. By sucking and chewing the teether, the baby’s eyes and hands can be coordinated, thereby promoting the development of intelligence.

In theory, when your baby is frustrated, unhappy, tired, sleepy, or lonely, you can get psychological satisfaction and security by sucking on a pacifier and chewing teethers.

Teether is suitable for the teething stage of the baby from 6 months to 2 years old.


According to the baby’s teeth growth needs in different periods, Chentian has designed teethers with different functions.

Use when the deciduous teeth have not yet erupted.

The material is made of non-toxic soft silicone. There are various designs with protruding grooves, which can massage the gums. It has a milky or fruity smell, which will be loved by babies.


Anti-drop teether

Features: There is a ribbon with clips and buttons on the teether. The main function is to prevent the teether from falling to the ground when the baby is not biting the teether.


Pacifier teether

Features: The soft surface layer can massage the gum around the teeth, the shape is similar to the pacifier, the weight is relatively light, and it is easy to grasp.


Water glue

Features: 1. Unique ice gel material, ice after freezing, the gel inside will not open, still soft ice-like.

  1.  It can be used as a tooth fixer, baby gums, and helpful to accompany.
  2. It has the effect of ice-cold when the baby has a toothache.

Suitable age: Babies who are just beginning to grow teeth.


Sounding Teether

Features: The sound of teether can attract the baby’s attention.

At the same time, the soft gel surface can gently massage the gums to reduce the discomfort and itching of the milk teeth.

Suitable age: all stages.


The first stage: in the budding period, when the teeth are not growing out, the baby will already feel uncomfortable in the gums. The gutta-percha of stage one can be put in the refrigerator, and the cold touch can relieve the swelling and pain of the baby’s gums before teething.

The second stage: At 6 months old

When babies are 6 months old, a pair of breast incisors of the lower jaw begin to grow. At this time, we should choose frozen teether to massage the soft breast teeth to relieve discomfort, hard teether will massage the gums.The uneven surface also stimulates the baby’s brain development

The third stage: when four teeth grow

When the baby has 4 side incisors and 4 canine teeth (canine teeth), it is recommended to choose a pacifier that is similar in taste to a pacifier, is lighter, and is easy to grasp. The soft and hard layer can massage the new length. The gums around the teeth come out, and the baby can experience the biting sensation.

The fourth stage: 1-2 years old

1 to 2 years old is the period of growth of deciduous molars. Choose a fixed tooth gum that can reach a large range of teeth. The baffle prevents the throat from being touched. The soft and hard texture layer can reduce the swelling and pain caused by the large teeth. Enhance tooth development and exercise chewing ability.


Advantages of silicone teether

For material safety,chentian uses food-grade silicone, and generally it has passed FDA and other safety certifications.

The colors are beautiful and attractive to children. Compared with other molar materials, silicone teethers are more attractive to children. These colors are made with color masterbatch, not simple dyeing. There is no harm in contact with children.

A lot of silicone molar beads are printed with letters or numbers,so children can learn in advance.

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silicone teether