silicone spoon for kids

What’s the advantage of soft silicone spoon for kids?

Silicone Children’s Table Spoon

What’s the advantage of silicone spoon?

Silicone spoon is suitable for a variety of scenarios (parents feeding babies, child training)

Babies’ ability to use tools is weak during their infancy.

Ordinary tablespoons are not safe for babies.

Babies’behaviors are different from adults.

As a parent, you should provide your baby with tableware that suits them.


As all known,food-grade silicone has been applied to the manufacture of baby bottle pacifiers and various tableware products.

Chentian’s silicone spoon for babies and children is wrapped with soft food grade silicone.

The liquid silicone material has good biocompatibility and does not irritate the baby’s oral cavity. It can protect the baby’s teeth and oral cavity.

The places where the baby touches are all food-grade silicone, which is soft. This is a soft spoon that will not hurt the baby, making feeding safer.

It is safer than traditional iron spoons.

When the baby eats independently, there is no need to worry about the baby biting the spoon.


Train your baby’s hands-on ability.

Silicone spoons made by Chentian is small,light weight,babies can take it easily.

Baby can operate independently for a long time.Exercise your baby’s thinking.

Various colors liquid silicone spoons available. Rich colors make babies more appetite.


After use, it should be cleaned and stored in a clean and dry place, not directly exposed under the sunshine.


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silicone spoon for kids
silicone spoon for kids