magic cube ball

Rainbow Ball Magic cube Fidget toy puzzle

What’s Rainbow ball magic cube fidget toy ? It’s also known as Stress Anxiety Relief Colorful Intelligence Spherical 12 Holes Magic Rainbow Football Ball Cube, or Magic Puzzle Ball Infinity Cube Fidget Toys Decompression Toy Specifications: Material: ABS Color: multi-color Size: 6.5*6.5cm/7*7cm Weight:85g features: 1.Practice children’s brain, improve their memory and training hands-on skill 2.Enjoy the great parent-child interaction […]

silicone wrap

A new option as Alternatives to plastic wrap

What’s silicone wrap? It’s belong to new kitchenware. Are you still using traditional plastic wrap? The traditional cling film/plastic wrap is generally unsealed and cannot achieve the preservation function well. It is a consumable product, unhealthy and not environmentally friendly, easy to break and not durable, not sealed enough to keep fresh, and plastic products are […]

silicone bowl

Are children’s silicone bowls safe?

Are children’s silicone bowls safe? With the development of silicone kitchenware in recent years, many people will choose silicone as the material of the baby’s utensils. Such as silicone teether, silicone dinner bowls, silicone dinner plates, silicone toys and so on. Shenzhen Chentian Silicone Products Co., Ltd. is a powerful manufacturer of silicone products.we will […]

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle?

Nowadays, many people like to bring a silicone sports bottle when exercising, and replenish water in time after exercise. But many people have overlooked a crucial detail, that is, to clean their silicone sports water bottle on time. If the water bottle is not cleaned for a long time, the water cup will become a […]

silicone pad

learn more about the food grade silicone pads

Silicone pad is one of the most common uses of silica gel, especially in industry. Because of the cold and heat-resistant properties of silica gel, this new type of material is widely used in new energy vehicles. The very wear-resistant parts have to be rubber. What is silicone pad The silicone pad is a silicone […]