magic cube ball

Rainbow Ball Magic cube Fidget toy puzzle

What’s Rainbow ball magic cube fidget toy ?

It’s also known as Stress Anxiety Relief Colorful Intelligence Spherical 12 Holes Magic Rainbow Football Ball Cube, or

Magic Puzzle Ball Infinity Cube Fidget Toys Decompression Toy

magic cube ball


Material: ABS

Color: multi-color

Size: 6.5*6.5cm/7*7cm


magic cube ball


1.Practice children’s brain, improve their memory and training hands-on skill

2.Enjoy the great parent-child interaction game

3.To train kids’ creativity and logical thinking

4.Magical cube has twisty different shapes or devise your own fun creations.

magic cube ball

* Fully exercises the ability of children’s brains in logical thinking and eye-hand coordination

* Exercises the sensitivity of children towards color.

* Best gift for children

* Perfect present for any Rubik’s lover!

* Lightweight and easy to carry. You can play with it anytime you like

* Suitable for children 3 years and above


How to play : The ball into the blank hole squeeze,and match the same color with the hole.

Brain teaser: An educational toy that combines education and entertainment-solving, the rainbow magic ball is a good way for brain training to improve children’s memory, concentration, patient logical thinking, spatial thinking and hand flexibility.

Rugged 3D Puzzle Cube: Made of safe and high-quality ABS material, flexible, stable and environmentally protective.

Educational Ball Toy: The rainbow ball cube with 12 holes and 11 balls of different colors. The way to solving the rainbow ball puzzle is to move the balls to their matching holes of the same color.

Perfect Gifts: Ideal birthday and holiday gifts (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Children's Day, etc.), suitable for boys, girls, teenagers, adults and seniors, suitable for beginners and professionals.

silicone wrap

A new option as Alternatives to plastic wrap

What’s silicone wrap? It’s belong to new kitchenware.

Are you still using traditional plastic wrap? The traditional cling film/plastic wrap is generally unsealed and cannot achieve the preservation function well.

It is a consumable product, unhealthy and not environmentally friendly, easy to break and not durable, not sealed enough to keep fresh, and plastic products are not environmentally friendly.

A new solution is the use of silicone wrap/fresh-keeping cover ,it is both environmentally friendly and durable.

silicone wrap

The silica gel wrap/fresh-keeping cover can be used for refrigeration and microwave, high and low temperature resistance.And can be used as a refrigerator to keep fresh, can be placed on the side or stacked. It can be steamed in boiling water for high-temperature disinfection, and microwave ovens can also be used. Silicone is Food-grade material, soft and malleable, also suitable for square and rectangular tableware. Food that cannot be eaten at one time can also be sealed and kept fresh. Keep it fresh in the refrigerator to prevent odor.

The silicone wrap/fresh-keeping cover has strong elasticity, strong adsorption, and is sealed and leak-proof. The internal non-slip design makes it impossible to leak water upside down. It has strong adsorption and is not easy to fall off. It can be covered with portable silica gel.

The silicone wrap has a wide range of uses, strong flexibility, good elasticity, large stretchable range, and more labor-saving in use. It’s reusable, healthy and environmentally friendly.

A set contains six sizes, so there is no need to choose a size. Color can be customized.

silicone wrap

Six sizes:

  1. Diameter 6.5cm: use caliber 6.5-8cm
  2. Diameter 14cm: use caliber 14-15cm
  3. Diameter 9cm: use caliber 9.5-11cm
  4. Diameter 15cm: use caliber 15-19cm
  5. Diameter 11cm: use the caliber 11-14cm
  6. Diameter 20cm:use the caliber 20-24cm.

We also support custom shape,pattern,size and color,according to your design.

silicone wrap

How to use:

  1. Put the fresh-keeping cover on the glass bowl
  2. Pull the extension to cover
  3. Cover and seal
  4. Can be stacked
silicone wrap

Compared with the traditional ordinary wrap/cling film, the use of silica gel cling film is more environmentally friendly, and reusable, environmental protection.

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silicone bowl

Are children’s silicone bowls safe?

Are children’s silicone bowls safe?

With the development of silicone kitchenware in recent years, many people will choose silicone as the material of the baby’s utensils.

Such as silicone teether, silicone dinner bowls, silicone dinner plates, silicone toys and so on.

Shenzhen Chentian Silicone Products Co., Ltd. is a powerful manufacturer of silicone products.we will share something about what is called a plasticizer-free, BPA-free, lead-free and PVC-free safety silicone dinner bowl.


Plasticizer is a polymer material additive widely used in industrial production, also known as plasticizer.

Any substance that is added to a polymer material to increase the plasticity of the polymer is called a plasticizer.

The use of plasticizers can improve the performance of polymer materials, reduce production costs, and increase production efficiency.

It is widely used in food packaging, cosmetics, medical equipment, and environmental water bodies.

Some manufacturers also add plasticizers. Plastics often contain bisphenol A, lead, and PVC.

silicone bowl for kids

Bisphenol A is a low-toxicity chemical. Animal experiments have found that bisphenol A has the effect of mimicking estrogen.

Even a very low dose can make animals produce female precocity, decreased sperm count, and prostate growth.

Some data show that bisphenol A has certain embryotoxicity and teratogenicity, and can significantly increase the occurrence of animal ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia and other cancers.

BPA in plastic products such as plastic baby bottles may affect the growth and development of infants and young children, and cause damage to children’s brains and sexual organs.

Silicone material

The material of the silicone product is certified by the national environmental protection standard.

The main component of its raw material is silica (it does not have a chemical reaction with any substance and conflicts).

It is made by dissolving white carbon black, silicone oil, and siloxane substances, especially Food-grade silica gel does not contain any industrial additives, which is especially suitable for babies to touch.

The characteristics of silica gel are also very good, such as high and low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance of about 250 degrees, very suitable for tableware types.

silica gel can also be stored in the’s soft and comfortable, the product has good rebound strength and toughness, can be used for a long time without deformation.

In general, children’s silicone bowls are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, especially chentian silicone products are produced in dust-free workshops. All our silicone products have passed FDA, LFGB, EN71, ASNZSISO8124, CCPSA and other tests, issued by many countries Safety certification, so the silicone children’s bowl can be used safely and securely

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How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle?

Nowadays, many people like to bring a silicone sports bottle when exercising, and replenish water in time after exercise.

But many people have overlooked a crucial detail, that is, to clean their silicone sports water bottle on time.

If the water bottle is not cleaned for a long time, the water cup will become a “hotbed” of bacteria and mold, which will cause harm to their bodies.

collapsible silicone water cup
How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle?

Deodorization scheme of silicone kettle:

1,Expose the product to the air for 2-3 days, and the smell will dissipate by itself.

2,Soak the silicone kettle in boiling water for 2-3 hours, most of the smell can be dispersed.

It cannot be simply considered that the product has a fruity fragrance, and it must be qualified.

In fact, the less ingredients the product has, the safer it is.

3,Soak in salt water and vinegar, soak for about ten minutes and take it out, it will basically tasteless. (This should be a quicker way)


How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

4,High-temperature baking method: Adjust the temperature to one hundred and fifty degrees, and roast for half an hour to deodorize.

5,with milk: first clean with detergent, then pour two soups of key fresh milk into the kettle, close the lid and shake.

so that every corner of the kettle is in contact with the milk, about one minute, finally pour out the milk, and put the kettle Clean it up.

6,Orange peel deodorization method: first clean it with detergent, then put the fresh orange peel in it, cover it, and let it rinse for about 3 to 4 hours.

7,Use waste tea leaves to deodorize. First scrub with waste tea leaves, then rinse with water

8,Soak in salt water for 30 minutes

9,Add a few drops of lemonade and soak in warm water for 2 hours.

10,Use mustard to remove the odor of silica gel.

Dilute the mustard with an appropriate amount of water, pour it into the bottle.pull it up and down in the bottle with a long-handled brush, and then rinse with water.

If you can pour the mustard solution in a bottle and soak for a few hours before scrubbing, the effect will be better.

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

If none of the above methods can remove the peculiar smell of the silicone kettle, and the cup emits a strong pungent odor when the hot water is poured into it, do not use this kettle anymore.

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle


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silicone pad

learn more about the food grade silicone pads

Silicone pad is one of the most common uses of silica gel, especially in industry.

Because of the cold and heat-resistant properties of silica gel, this new type of material is widely used in new energy vehicles. The very wear-resistant parts have to be rubber.

What is silicone pad

The silicone pad is a silicone product made of silicone with high temperature and pressed through a customized mold.

Since its core material is mainly silica gel, it inherits all the advantages of silica gel and its own characteristics:

  1. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, water seepage, heat insulation, not easy to age, not easy to fade, easy to clean.
  2. Durable, effectively protect the surface of the furniture from being scalded and scratched.
  3. The temperature resistance range is: -40~230 degrees Celsius. It will remain soft and not deformed after baking and freezing.
  4. The elasticity of the silicone cushion can be customized, and the elasticity will be different according to the hardness
  5. The color of the silicone pad can be customized, and the color can be mixed with advanced craftsmanship, which can be quite beautiful.


What are the important uses of silicone pads?

Silicone pads, due to their excellent characteristics, as long as the pads are almost all related to it:

Life related: mouse pad (soft, multi-color), computer keyboard waterproof pad (good sealing), gasket for silicone breast augmentation (silica gel is non-toxic and harmless, stable in nature), seat gasket (soft and multi-color) ), yoga mats, etc. are very useful.

Industrial: non-slip mats, electronic equipment foot pads (soft and wear-resistant), thermally conductive silicone gaskets (good thermal conductivity), silicone gaskets can be used for sealing and protection of any equipment.

What is the difference between silicone mat and rubber mat?

  1. The silicone gasket is made of silicone rubber, which may contain a thermal conductive silicone gasket.

Rubber gaskets include the category of silicone gaskets, as well as fluorine rubber gaskets and other rubber gaskets.

  1. Silica gel burning will not catch an open flame, and the smoke is white. When the rubber burns, it emits black smoke, pungent and black, and has a strong smell.


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silicone pad
silicone pad
silicone pad
silicone pad
silicone mat

something about silicone pad and mat in kitchenware

Silicone pads belong to the category of kitchen supplies


Will steaming food on silicone mat be toxic?

1.Steaming food with a silicone mat is non-toxic, provided that it must be a food-grade silicone mat.

Generally speaking, food-grade silicone material will not be cheap


2.Food grade silicone, this material is very stable. Unless the high temperature exceeds 200 degrees Celsius, it is difficult to change.

No toxic substances will be released after high temperature. This is different from plastic, which is really not good.

After high-temperature steaming and baking of plastics, many toxic substances are released.


3.When using bamboo mats, food tends to stick to the gaps, which is very difficult to clean, and the remaining dough will easily deteriorate when the weather is hot.

Silicone pads are more advantageous. Silicone baking mat and kneading mat, each mat has its own different usage and cleaning skills.


Is it toxic to knead flour on a silicone mat?

1.The silica gel pad is non-toxic when kneading the flour, the room temperature is stable, and the pad is cleaned well without any problems.

2.When kneading flour on a silicone mat, more consideration is the experience of use. It is best to choose food-grade materials with the thickest thickness, otherwise the experience will be very bad.

3.When comparing prices, if it is much cheaper, be careful that inferior silicone pads may also be plastic products. Therefore, a regular silicone pad should be used.


Is the silicone mat for baking harmful to the body?

  1. The silicone mat for baking is not harmful to the body. It is food-grade silicone, non-toxic and harmless. Note that not all silicone mats can be baked in the oven. Its applicable temperature is 200 degrees Celsius for general food grade high temperature resistance. It can be baked in the oven by adding glass fiber mat, because it has better high temperature resistance.
  2. Choose a silicone mat for baking, it is best to buy a special oven silicone mat, other types of heat resistance are not as good as special ones.
  3. Note: Silica gel is absorbent, it is easy to absorb the odor of packaging materials, but it is not very strong. When using it for the first time, it is necessary to clean or ventilate. A pungent odor is definitely inferior.


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silicone mat
silicone milk bottle

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle 3

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle 3

9.How to sterilize a newly bought silicone baby bottle?

Pay special attention to bottlenecks and spirals.

When cleaning the pacifier, the pacifier should be turned over and cleaned.

If there is milk stains on the pacifier, you can soak it in hot water for a while, and then brush it off after the milk stain becomes soft.

To keep the milk outlet on the nipple unobstructed, the nipple should be disinfected at least once a day.

When sterilizing the silicone baby bottle, it can be sterilized in boiling water or in the microwave without causing deformation.

Silicone baby bottles are more heat-resistant than ordinary plastic baby bottles, so long-term disinfection will not be a problem.

The main thing to remember is to disinfect once a week.


10.Is the Anti-flatulence silicone baby bottle useful?

Silicone anti-flatulence bottle is really useful.

Compared with ordinary feeding bottles, functional feeding bottles can prevent babies from hiccups, spitting up, and abdominal pain.

When feeding baby with a traditional bottle, many parents will find that the baby is hiccuping and spitting up, and the reason is also closely related to the choose of bottle.

Due to the poor air return effect of the baby bottle, the air in the bottle will generate a certain pressure as the milk decreases, causing the baby to suck in vigorously and inhale a lot of air.

When air enters the baby’s belly, symptoms such as baby spitting up and even abdominal pain will occur.

Therefore, a functional anti-colic milk bottle can help mothers solve the problem of vomiting up milk.

The functional anti-colic milk bottle uses a new and practical patented anti-colic design. Air enters the bottle from the anti-flatulence port in the bottle.

The air pressure in the bottle can be balanced at any time, so that the baby can suck smoothly. baby can breathe in milk freely without inhaling air, effectively preventing the baby from hiccups, spitting up, and abdominal pain caused by flatulence.


11.Are silicone baby bottles safe?

Silicone baby bottles are very safe. Its soft touch not only makes the baby feel comfortable, but also brings comfort to the baby.

Moreover, the washing and disinfection of silica gel is also more convenient, and the silica gel is not easily deformed during high temperature disinfection.

Silicone is resistant to high temperatures, so long-term disinfection at high temperatures will not affect its use.

Generally speaking, silica gel has a longer service life, so when mothers choose a bottle for their baby, they can choose a bottle that is more expensive and can be used for a longer time. In the process of using it for the baby, it can be used for a long time only by changing the nipple.


12.Can the silicone baby bottle be used when it turns yellow?

It is recommended not to use the silicone baby bottle when it turns yellow.

Generally speaking, if the silicone baby bottle has turned yellow, it is the result of natural oxidation.

This is particularly difficult to recover. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the baby bottle in time.

No matter what it is, it has a longevity. The baby bottle is also so general. It is recommended It is changed once a year.

If the baby is less than six months old, it must be cleaned and disinfected before use.


If you are looking for silicone milk bottle manufacturer or other silicone products factory, please feel free to contact [email protected]

silicone milk bottle
silicone milk bottle

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle 2

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle

5.What are PC baby bottles, PP baby bottles, PPSU baby bottles and silicone baby bottles?

PC baby bottle: PC plastic baby bottle is lighter, resistant to falling and not easy to break, low price, easy to buy, and more beautiful and translucent.

But it is easy to release bisphenol A (BPA) when it is sterilized at high temperature (over 100 degrees).The longer it used, the more released.

BPA may disrupt the human body’s metabolic process, affect the baby’s development, immunity, and even cause cancer.


PP baby bottle: it has high chemical stability, good hygienic performance and high heat resistance.

Microwave tableware is generally made of PP plastic products. Non-toxic, harmless to the human body, and the cheapest price.

But the life is the shortest, the long-term high temperature resistance is the shortest.

It is easy to oxidize, and the corrosion resistance is not good. It is not as beautiful as a PC material bottle.


PPSU baby bottle: PPSU is a safe material, does not contain carcinogenic chemicals that disrupt endocrine (BPA).

It is widely used in medical equipment. PPSU is a material with excellent heat resistance(up to 207 degrees).

It can respond to repeated high-temperature boiling, steam sterilization, hospital vacuum autoclave sterilization, microwave heating sterilization and chemical liquid sterilization.

PPSU material has excellent drug resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and can withstand cleaning with general chemicals and detergents.

PPSU baby bottles are tested to be free of bisphenol A toxin, and have the advantages of non-toxic glass baby bottles, light weight and unbreakable plastic PC baby bottles.


Silicone baby bottle: Silicone is an excellent material. Even if it is stored at room temperature, breast milk is not easy to deteriorate, and it can better maintain the freshness of breast milk when it is refrigerated or frozen.

The silicone baby bottle feels as soft as the skin and will stabilize the baby’s mood.

It is convenient to wash and disinfect, and all parts of the feeding bottle can be thoroughly cleaned, and it can be cleaned without a bottle brush. Moreover, sterilization in boiling water or in a microwave oven will not cause deformation.


6.Which one is better, glass or silicone baby bottle?

Generally speaking, it is better to have a glass bottle for newborn babies. When your child grows up, you can switch to silicone baby bottles.

The advantages of glass baby bottles are corrosion resistance, high safety, and high heat insulation performance. In addition, the glass milk bottle has good transparency, the scale is not easy to wear for a long time, and the bottle body will not quickly become blurred.

However, glass baby bottles are heavy and easy to break. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the rapid occurrence of thermal expansion and contraction, which will cause bursts.

The silica gel has good stability and still maintains good elasticity at about 200°C. In the case of room temperature and sealed from moisture, it will not deteriorate after being placed for at least one year. But pay attention to defending fake silicone baby bottles, and do not buy fake or inferior products.


7.How to clean silicone baby bottles?

Using milk brushes, generally speaking, there will be those on the market that specialize in cleaning baby bottles, and it will be more convenient to use. we can use the milk brush to clean the baby bottle in the process of cleaning the baby, saving time and effort.

We can boil the baby bottle with boiling water. If the baby’s silicone baby bottle has stains that are difficult to clean, you can boil the water and put the baby bottle down for a while.

The temperature of the hot water is conducive to the dissolution and cleaning of the stain.

The use of boiling hot water to clean the baby bottle can also achieve the effect of sterilization to a certain extent.

You can use baby bottle cleaners. Generally, there are baby bottle cleaners on the market, which are also very convenient to use.

Before cleaning the baby bottle, wash the baby’s silicone baby bottle thoroughly with clean water, and then put it in a sterilizing pot and boil it.

can be use Microwave ovens . Microwave ovens and boiling water have the same principle and effect.


8.Which glass or silicone baby bottle has better thermal insulation performance?

The glass bottle for newborns is good, any material is not as stable as glass, and there is no release of any chemical composition. And easy to clean.

(To be continued)

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silicone milk bottle
silicone milk bottle

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle 1

Something you should know about the feeding nursing bottle

1.How long is the sterilization and steaming of silicone baby bottles?

Silicone feeding nursing bottles are easy to be heated, so the heating time should not be too long or too short.

It only takes 5 minutes to achieve the disinfection effect. If the steaming time too long, it will accelerate the aging of the baby bottle, and it may be necessary to change the baby bottle frequently. If the time is too short, the hot water cannot completely kill the bacteria in the baby bottle.


2.How to distinguish the quality of silicone baby bottles?

Judge by pressing.

The texture of silica gel is very good, similar to the smooth texture of human skin, silica gel does not feel hard, it should be soft and delicate. The baby can feel the warmth of their mother while holding the silicone milk bottle, which is helpful to soothe the baby, will not make the baby irritable, and can also increase the baby’s emotional intelligence.

Check whether it is convenient to use.

when designing silicone baby bottles,we need to pay more attention to details , as babies like to bite the pacifier.

It is a consumable item, and the silicone baby bottle is designed as a detachable device. All parts of a good silicone baby bottle can be removed and can be mounted on another baby bottle.Or you will find that the parts of the two bottles cannot be replaced with each other.

Silicone products are easily stained with dust, so the area around the bottle should be frosted.


3.How often do silicone baby bottles change? How long can the silicone baby bottle be used?

According to the normal situation, the silicone baby bottle does not need frequent replacement due to its special material, and only needs to be disinfected regularly. However, if the silicone baby bottle wears severely, it should be replaced within half a year.


4.Can a 3-month-old baby use a silicone bottle?

First of all, the silicone milk bottle has a high safety factor and is suitable for babies of all ages.

It does not contain harmful substances, has good water resistance and moisture resistance, and has good stability.

It can be stored for more than 1 year without deterioration.

Generally, the design of silicone baby bottles is very good and will not cause milk leakage, and it can also prevent the baby from inhaling too much air and causing flatulence and stomach pain.

Secondly, as the baby grows up, he likes to hold the bottle to drink milk.

At this time, choosing a silicone bottle for the baby does not need to worry about safety.

It will not break easily or hurt the baby. Although glass baby bottles are also easy to use, they have the disadvantage of being fragile.

Plastic baby bottles are not ideal for high temperature resistance.

In addition, silicone baby bottles can prevent many chemical residues. It is good for the baby’s diet and health, and does not contain any environmental hormones.

It can be used casually by disinfection methods, is not easy to deform, and is healthy and safe. In terms of safety performance, silicone baby bottle is an ideal choice and can be used by babies as young as 3 months old.

(To be continued)

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silicone milk bottle
silicone baking gloves

baking tools silicone Heat Resistant gloves

baking tools silicone Heat Resistant gloves and Finger Protector Sleeve

When baking ,taking the food in the microwave and oven,we usually use with cloth to prevent scalding.But the cloth can’t insulate well and can be easily burned.

Silicone gloves are made of high-quality food-grade environmentally friendly , thickened soft silicone material.

with stability and high temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and reliable.

Silicone gloves have a horizontal anti-skid pattern design, which is not easy to drop when holding things, holding them firmly and comfortably, and easily grasping the dishes without slipping.

It is a silicone glove worth buying!


Practical and convenient hook design, glove tail hook design, easy to store and organize.

It is easy to dry after washing, and not easy to breed bacteria.

convenient to hang up when not in use, convenient to store, and save space.

It should be noted that do not touch the oven heating tube, do not approach sharp objects, fires and heating tubes, and do not stay in the oven for a long time.

Whether you use traditional ordinary gloves, you also need to pay attention! Otherwise it will affect the life of the gloves.


Multiple uses, wide range of uses. The thicker material is used for better heat insulation.

It can be used to serve dishes and dishes without fear of being scalded.

Not only can it be used to insulate things, but also to wash dishes, so that your hands will not be washed with detergent.

Alkaline substances damage the stratum corneum of the skin.

When the bottle cap cannot be unscrewed, it can be used to twist the cap to increase the friction with the cap, so that it is easier to open the cap.


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silicone baking gloves
silicone baking gloves