do silicone utensils melt

Do silicone utensils melt? This is a question we are asked frequently here at our silicone manufacturer. With the increasing popularity of silicone products, it makes sense that questions about their durability and overall reliability come up quite often. As an engineer or designer making decisions about what materials to use in product development, understanding […]

can silicone nipple covers cause cancer?

Silicone nipple covers have become an increasingly popular fashion trend, but there are potential risks associated with wearing them that cannot be ignored. While a silicone nipple cover may provide a unique style or aesthetic to your look, understanding the components of the product and any threats they might pose is critical for protecting oneself […]

are silicone bowls safe for dogs

Are silicone bowls safe for dogs? This is a critical question to consider if you are a pet owner, especially since the use of silicone products has become more commonplace in homes across the world. As an engineer or designer, it’s also essential to understand how animals interact with silicone-made products and their potential risks. […]

are silicone spoons safe

When selecting utensils, nearly everyone will strive for something stylish and safe to use. Silicone spoons are an appealing option that can provide both of these qualities – they come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, as well as being easy to clean and store. But just how safe are silicone spoons? In […]

are silicone food containers safe

Silicone food containers are quickly becoming a popular choice for consumers due to their convenience and durability. However, there is much debate over the safety of these products when it comes to storing or reheating food. With questions raised about potential toxins leaking into foods and microorganisms potentially gaining access, it only makes sense for […]