What are the advantages of silicone water cups and bottles ?

Silicone water cups, silicone water bottles and many other silicone products are widely used in people’s daily life, and they are loved by consumers. So what are the benefits of silicone water cups and bottles ? Why are so many people using them now? We think mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Material

Because of the direct contact with the human body, everyone is very concerned about whether the material will volatilize toxic substances and whether it contains substances harmful to the human body. After scientifically researched, silicone is harmless to the human body and has high material stability. It can be used directly without harm to the human body. Compared with the high pollution of plastic materials and the harmfulness of stainless steel, water cups and bottles made of silicone are very popular.

2. Price

According to investigations, the price of silicone water cups is relatively cheap compared with the prices of glass water cups and ceramic water cups.

3. Easy to carry

We can find that athletes who often go out to exercise and ride bicycles all choose to carry silicone water cups or bottles to exercise. The silicone water cup is easy to carry because of its softness. The collapsible silicone water cup is much more convenient than the non-foldable glass water cup. Moreover, the weight of silicone material will be much lighter than glass water cups and ceramic water cups.

Everyone has their own selection criteria, and the benefits of silicone water cups and bottles are indeed loved by consumers, they are economical and easy to use. However, we would like to remind everyone that when buying a silicone water cup, you must choose a silicone water cup with verified certification. If you need custom silicone water cups, please feel free to contact [email protected] .

What causes the permanent deformation of silicone products

During the production inspection of silicone products manufacturers, the performance testing of semi-finished products is particularly important, so let’s take a look at why the deformation of silicone products occur.

Silicone deformation

Silicone products are synthetic rubber products made of silicone rubber materials. Its main material is a solid silicone with relatively strong viscoelasticity. It does not mean that silicone will never deform. If it does not rebound for a long time, it will deform. The main reason for its deformation is determined by the material hardness of the silicone rubber products. The softer the material, the smaller the deformation. In industrial equipment, the deformation resilience of the O-ring is very important. The stretch rate is also important for some silicone products.

Take industrial silicone O-rings as an example. If they lose their stretch rate and deformation, they should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary situations. There are mainly the following factors that affect the deformation of silicone products.

1. Long-term immobility will cause permanent deformation, long-term use under high pressure, and it is easy to deform for products with hard materials under high pressure.

2. The influence of stretch rate is determined by the hardness and softness of the product. Generally, the stretch rate of silicone rubber can reach up to 300% to 600% (softer material), but excessive stretching during use will directly cause deformation. It will cause permanent deformation due to loss of stretch, so it should not be stretched excessively during use, whether it is industrial silicone products, daily use silicone products or silicone accessories.

3. Affected by temperature. In a humid place, when silicone rubber products are working, they will gradually deform during stretching when they are used under humid and high temperature conditions. However, as the temperature adapts and drops, it will also cause silicone products to slight deformation. Therefore, whether it is industrial used silicone accessories or sealed silicone products, try not to allow silicone products to stretch for a long time except artificially.

The silicone products produced by our company have high elasticity and high stretch rate and are not easy to deform. If you have custom silicone products requirements, please feel free to email [email protected] .