How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle?

Nowadays, many people like to bring a silicone sports bottle when exercising, and replenish water in time after exercise.

But many people have overlooked a crucial detail, that is, to clean their silicone sports water bottle on time.

If the water bottle is not cleaned for a long time, the water cup will become a “hotbed” of bacteria and mold, which will cause harm to their bodies.

collapsible silicone water cup
How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle?

Deodorization scheme of silicone kettle:

1,Expose the product to the air for 2-3 days, and the smell will dissipate by itself.

2,Soak the silicone kettle in boiling water for 2-3 hours, most of the smell can be dispersed.

It cannot be simply considered that the product has a fruity fragrance, and it must be qualified.

In fact, the less ingredients the product has, the safer it is.

3,Soak in salt water and vinegar, soak for about ten minutes and take it out, it will basically tasteless. (This should be a quicker way)


How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

4,High-temperature baking method: Adjust the temperature to one hundred and fifty degrees, and roast for half an hour to deodorize.

5,with milk: first clean with detergent, then pour two soups of key fresh milk into the kettle, close the lid and shake.

so that every corner of the kettle is in contact with the milk, about one minute, finally pour out the milk, and put the kettle Clean it up.

6,Orange peel deodorization method: first clean it with detergent, then put the fresh orange peel in it, cover it, and let it rinse for about 3 to 4 hours.

7,Use waste tea leaves to deodorize. First scrub with waste tea leaves, then rinse with water

8,Soak in salt water for 30 minutes

9,Add a few drops of lemonade and soak in warm water for 2 hours.

10,Use mustard to remove the odor of silica gel.

Dilute the mustard with an appropriate amount of water, pour it into the bottle.pull it up and down in the bottle with a long-handled brush, and then rinse with water.

If you can pour the mustard solution in a bottle and soak for a few hours before scrubbing, the effect will be better.

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle

If none of the above methods can remove the peculiar smell of the silicone kettle, and the cup emits a strong pungent odor when the hot water is poured into it, do not use this kettle anymore.

How to remove the smell of the silicone kettle


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silicone wristband

Tips for How to clean the silicone wristband

How to clean the silicone wristband?

Silicone wristband is more and more popular for kids and adult.

It’s made of food grade silicone,and might get dirty dust or grease ,or other dirty things on its surface after a long time wearing.This will affect the wearing experience and its fashion looks.

So how to clean the silicone wristband?

Here are some tips:

1,Clean water

When the silicone bracelet is dirty, the most simple and effective way is to rinse it with clean water.

2,Wipe with a damp cloth

If the liquid silicone bracelet is not very dirty, you can use a clean wet cloth to clean the surface of the silicone bracelet.

3,Smear with toothpaste

If the silicone bracelet is accidentally stained with stains or oil, you can use a moist soft toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to scrub, rinse with clean water.And then Wipe dry with a napkin or soft cloth

4,Use an eraser

If the silicone bracelet has sticky glue marks, you can use an eraser to remove the glue marks. Then use a cotton swab to stick some alcohol on the glue marks for about one minute, and gently wipe with the cotton swab to remove the glue marks.

5,Shower gel, laundry detergent

Apply the shower gel liquid directly to the part of the liquid silicone bracelet that needs to be cleaned, and rinse off with water after wiping it enough.


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A simple guide to silicone ice cube tray

A simple guide to silicone ice cube tray

What is a silicone ice cube tray?

Silicone ice cube trays belong to the category of silicone kitchenware in silicone products. It is a mold made of silicone raw materials for making ice cubes. It has the high-quality environmental protection characteristics of silicone raw materials. With special food-grade silicone, it is very safe to use.

Processing craft of silicone ice cube tray mold

The silicone ice cube tray mold is made by the high-temperature vulcanization molding process of a hydraulic press, and passes through the process of raw material preparation, vulcanization molding, and front deburring. It is a common product in the silicone industry, mainly sold to foreign countries including regions such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

What is the usage of silicone ice cube tray?

Silicone ice cube trays are mainly used to make ice cubes of various shapes. The ice cubes made can be used for cocktails or frozen beverages and also have decorative effects.

What are the shapes of silicone ice cube trays?

The shape of silicone ice cube tray products can be designed according to personal ideas, generally divided into four categories: fruit shape, animal shape, letter shape, pictographic shape (such as square, circle, heart, etc.); of course there are many other shapes, for example, car shapes, cartoon shapes, etc.; as long as the creativity is in your mind, the shape of the product can be freely designed.

What colors can silicone ice cube trays be made

The color of the silicone ice cube tray is prepared by adding a certain ratio of color paste to the silicone raw materials. In theory, the colors on the Pantone color card can be adjusted, but in actual conditions, there will be a certain degree of color difference.

What are the advantages of silicone ice cube trays?

Silicone ice cube tray products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, do not contain toxic and hazardous substances, and meet common third-party certification requirements (such as ROHS, FDA, LFGB, etc.). The applicable temperature range is -40 to 230 degrees Celsius. In addition, it has the advantages of easy cleaning, softness, non-deformation, non-sticking, non-slip, shockproof, elasticity, insulation, tear resistance, anti-fading, and long working life.

The superior performance, coupled with the fact that silicone is a non-petroleum product, does not rely on increasingly scarce petroleum resources, making silicone products a substitute for similar plastic products is a general trend, and silicone products can be applied to many applications where plastic products cannot. Such as baby pacifiers, silicone kitchen utensils, etc., the application prospect is promising. All of Chentian’s silicone products can pass the US FDA certification, SGS certification and European LFGB certification, and are very popular in the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

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What are the advantages of silicone water cups and bottles ?

Silicone water cups, silicone water bottles and many other silicone products are widely used in people’s daily life, and they are loved by consumers. So what are the benefits of silicone water cups and bottles ? Why are so many people using them now? We think mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Material

Because of the direct contact with the human body, everyone is very concerned about whether the material will volatilize toxic substances and whether it contains substances harmful to the human body. After scientifically researched, silicone is harmless to the human body and has high material stability. It can be used directly without harm to the human body. Compared with the high pollution of plastic materials and the harmfulness of stainless steel, water cups and bottles made of silicone are very popular.

2. Price

According to investigations, the price of silicone water cups is relatively cheap compared with the prices of glass water cups and ceramic water cups.

3. Easy to carry

We can find that athletes who often go out to exercise and ride bicycles all choose to carry silicone water cups or bottles to exercise. The silicone water cup is easy to carry because of its softness. The collapsible silicone water cup is much more convenient than the non-foldable glass water cup. Moreover, the weight of silicone material will be much lighter than glass water cups and ceramic water cups.

Everyone has their own selection criteria, and the benefits of silicone water cups and bottles are indeed loved by consumers, they are economical and easy to use. However, we would like to remind everyone that when buying a silicone water cup, you must choose a silicone water cup with verified certification. If you need custom silicone water cups, please feel free to contact [email protected] .

What causes the permanent deformation of silicone products

During the production inspection of silicone products manufacturers, the performance testing of semi-finished products is particularly important, so let’s take a look at why the deformation of silicone products occur.

Silicone deformation

Silicone products are synthetic rubber products made of silicone rubber materials. Its main material is a solid silicone with relatively strong viscoelasticity. It does not mean that silicone will never deform. If it does not rebound for a long time, it will deform. The main reason for its deformation is determined by the material hardness of the silicone rubber products. The softer the material, the smaller the deformation. In industrial equipment, the deformation resilience of the O-ring is very important. The stretch rate is also important for some silicone products.

Take industrial silicone O-rings as an example. If they lose their stretch rate and deformation, they should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary situations. There are mainly the following factors that affect the deformation of silicone products.

1. Long-term immobility will cause permanent deformation, long-term use under high pressure, and it is easy to deform for products with hard materials under high pressure.

2. The influence of stretch rate is determined by the hardness and softness of the product. Generally, the stretch rate of silicone rubber can reach up to 300% to 600% (softer material), but excessive stretching during use will directly cause deformation. It will cause permanent deformation due to loss of stretch, so it should not be stretched excessively during use, whether it is industrial silicone products, daily use silicone products or silicone accessories.

3. Affected by temperature. In a humid place, when silicone rubber products are working, they will gradually deform during stretching when they are used under humid and high temperature conditions. However, as the temperature adapts and drops, it will also cause silicone products to slight deformation. Therefore, whether it is industrial used silicone accessories or sealed silicone products, try not to allow silicone products to stretch for a long time except artificially.

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A Simple Guide To Silicone Cup Holder

What is a silicone cup holder

The cups in life are made of glass or stainless steel with fast conduction performance, it is inconvenient to hold directly once hot beverages insde. Therefore, there is a cup holder made of silicone gel with its high temperature resistance. Usually we can see these silicone cup holder for coffee cups and glass milk bottles.

The material of the silicone cup holder

It is made of high-quality silicone material, and the material meets relevant safety certifications (such as FDA, UL, ROHs); the applicable temperature range of the product is -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, and the silicone material features of heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, water and moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch-resistant, non-slip etc. Cup holder made of silicone is soft and feels comfortable.

Advantages of silicone cup holder

Heat preserving: The silicone cup holder can play the role of heat preserving.
Anti-slip: The silicone cup holder can effectively increase the friction of the outer wall of the water cup to achieve the purpose of anti-slip.
Heat insulation: The silicone cup holder can effectively isolate the heat of the water cup after pouring hot water to prevent the user from being burned.
Beautiful: The silicone cup holder can be made in various shapes and colors, can be designed to eliminate the monotonous characteristics of the glass and increase the beauty.
Protection: The silicone cup holder can also protect the glass from abrasion or breakage, and has a certain anti-fall protection feature.

The color of the silicone cup holder

The color of cup holder is formulated by adding a certain ratio of color paste to the raw silicone materials. In theory, the colors of silicone cup holder can be adjusted to the Pantone color card, but in actual conditions, there will be a certain degree of color difference.

Where are the silicone cup holders mainly used?

Silicone cup holders are mainly used for coffee cups in European and American countries where coffee is popular, such as coffee bottle holders in Starbucks restaurants. While these silicone cp holders used in the company’s water bottle shows the company’s brand and strength. Used on the glass of baby products to protect the delicate hands of the baby from being scalded when drinking milk. It can also be used for trade fairs, commercial promotion, business gifts and other industries.

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