silicone bowl for kids

Custom food grade silicone bowls for kids and elder

Custom silicone bowls for kids and elder

Silicone bowls belong to the category of silicone housewares/kitchenware in silicone products.

It is made of silicone raw materials. With special food-grade silicone, it is very safe to use.

Processing craft of silicone bowls.

The silicone bowl is made by the high-temperature vulcanization molding process of a hydraulic press, and passes through the process of raw material preparation, vulcanization molding, and front deburring. It is a common product in the silicone industry.

Why do we choose silicone bowls?

Babies are born with energy and are active.

While the babies are eating,they will knock over the bowl accidentally.

Some even like to bite the bowl.

This makes parents very distressed

Therefore, Chentian developed a suction cup bowl for children,which is stability and soft.

The bottom of the plate with a suction cup,can be firmly attached to the desktop.

It’s hard for the baby to knock over the plate.

Parents don’t have to worry about the baby not eating well.

It’s easy for parents to take the bowl from the table.

The baby eats intermittently,they suddenly do not eat or can’t finish eating.

Then parents can cover the bowl with lid,dust proof and ensure a healthy diet for your baby.

Anti-slip dual handle design, ensure parents pick up the bowl easily.

Thoughtful and detailed design makes it more comfortable for parents to use.


Chentian’s silicone bowls are made of food grade silicone, can direct contact with food.

It is heat-insulating and anti-scalding, can withstand high temperatures of 230℃, and can be used in microwave and oven.

One-piece molding design, easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria

What colors can silicone bowls be made?

The color of the silicone bowls is prepared by adding a certain ratio of color paste to the silicone raw materials.

In theory, the colors on the pantone color card can be adjusted.Various kinds of colors available.

Chentian also supports custom order, if you have some new ideas of the design, we can mould the new one for your company.

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silicone bowl for kids
silicone bowl for kids